About Us

About Allegan County Medical Care CommunityWelcome to Allegan County Medical Care Community (ACMCC)

Since 1971, the ACMCC has been providing quality skilled nursing, long-term health care, and elderly care services to the residents of Allegan County and beyond. ACMCC is owned and operated by Allegan County as a not-for-profit subdivision. Care and medical services are provided on a first-come, first-served basis without regard for a resident’s ability to pay.

The ACMCC admits residents in need of skilled nursing care and rehabilitative physical, occupational and speech therapy from local hospitals and other settings with the goal of attaining the greatest possible level of independence.

As a modern nursing home, we promote, encourage and support each resident’s individual dignity, privacy, rights and independence. We strive to create a home-like environment that preserves and upholds each resident’s quality of life. We seek to maximize each resident’s level of function, with the ultimate goal of enabling them to return home to their family and community. The care and services provided meets or exceeds state and federal health care standards.

Eden Alternative


Allegan Country Medical Care Community follows the Eden Alternative, a philosophy that embraces growth and development, regardless of one’s age. This helps combat the loneliness, helplessness, and boredom sometimes associated with geriatric care. Learn more about the Eden Alternative.



Allegan County Medical Care Community traces its roots to 1866, when Allegan County established a “poor farm” to provide for the disabled and the infirm.

In 1970, the current facility was constructed as the Allegan County Medical Care Facility. Today, the Allegan County Medical Care Community continues to provide a loving home and rehabilitation therapies to many area residents. We are proud to be Allegan’s first choice for senior medical care and rehabilitation.

ACMCC’s founding principles of love, care and dignity are as strong today as ever.