ACMCC is owned and operated as a non-profit organization by Allegan County and is governed by the Allegan County Department of Human Services Board (DHS). This board was established through Public Act 280 of 1939. The board consists of three members.

  • The Allegan County Board of Commissioners appoints two of the members for terms of up to three years.
  • The Governor of the State of Michigan appoints the third member.
  • In addition, one member of the County Board of Commissioners is appointed to the DHS board in a liaison, non-voting capacity, and
  • The Director of the Allegan County Department of Human Services serves as the board secretary.

The DHS Board approves operational and resident care policies, personnel policies, operating budgets, staff compensation and disbursement of all funds.

The current DHS Board:

  • Liz Krause, Chairman
  • Alan Nieboer, Vice Chairman
  • Keith Behm, Member
  • Don Black, County Commission Liaison
  • Tim Click, Secretary

DHS Board Meetings: The Board for the Allegan County Medical Care Community meets the fourth Friday of each month (except as noted *)and rotates between the Medical Care Community and the DHS. Meetings for 2014 are as follows:

January 23, 2015 MCC
February 27, 2015 DHS
March 27, 2015 MCC
April 24, 2015 DHS
May 22, 2015 MCC
June 26, 2015 DHS
July 24, 2015 MCC
August 28, 2015 DHS
September 25, 2015 MCC
October 23, 2015 DHS
*November 20, 2015 MCC
*December 18, 2015 DHS