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You’re Invited: 2017 Halloween Party

2017 Halloween Party

You are invited to our 2o17 Halloween Party and Trick or Treating!

What: 2017 Halloween Party

When: October 28, 2017, 2pm-3pm

Where: Multiple Locations; Gardenview will have the photo booth, Hillcrest will have snacks and refreshments, and Generations will have a Halloween activity

Our Halloween costume parade and judging will follow the party at 3pm in the Generations room. Prizes will be awarded for the funniest, scariest and most creative costumes!

That’s not all: More Halloween Fun!

Our Halloween fun will continue on October 29th. This day at 2pm, residents will be passing out candy to children 12 and under. Donations of candy are appreciated! If you like to donate candy to this event, call the office at 269-673-2102 or just stop in with your donation.


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Polly Sumouske: Rehab Success Story


Polly SumouskePolly Sumouske had a successful stay at ACMCC. “It has been wonderful here. The staff was so helpful and diligent. The food was great and I was surprised by all of the options. I loved the garden and I even picked some tomatoes. There is no comparison to other facilities I’ve stayed at. Here you get the care you need and deserve. I tell everyone about ACMCC and I would come back anytime I needed to!” Polly has been a long time friend of ours and an outstanding member of the Allegan community. We thank her for the kind words and enjoyed having her.


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September: Exciting Month at ACMCC!

September was an incredibly exciting month at ACMCC! Fair time is always a favorite time of year for residents, staff, volunteers, and family members alike. 2017 was no exception.

ACMCC participated in the Allegan County Fair Parade with an incredible group and were thrilled to receive the honor of “Best of Show” for our parade float.

The Fair featured a theme this year of “Where Memories are Made” and with 5 generations involved in our float that theme was incredibly appropriate. Our Fair Float as always included the participation of our elders on the float and in the bus.

Our now centenarian, Lucile “Jerry” Nyberg (pictured at right with her birthday cake) was one of our beautiful ladies featured on the float, just two weeks prior to turning 100 years old and allowing us to celebrate with her on September 28th.

ACMCC was also honored with a “First Place” ribbon for our booth in the Agricultural Building; such a proud moment for the numerous staff and residents involved in designing the booth and providing crafts, vegetables, canned goods, flowers, and antiques to the memories of “Grandma’s Kitchen” brought to life.


SeptemberSeptember September

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Karen Wagner: Our Rehab Success Story

Karen WagnerDuring the month of July, Karen Wagner suffered a serious fall with a back injury leaving her weaker and needing assistance with her care. Mrs. Wagner shared with us how our services had been highly recommended by family and friends. She also told us how initially she was quite frightened from poor experiences with other facilities many years past; therefore it was with great skepticism and trepidation that Karen agreed to come to ACMCC and allow us to help. Today, we are very proud of Karen. With just over 10 days work with our physical and occupational therapists, she is ready to return home safely. Karen will be leaving with a renewed faith in skilled nursing facilities such as ACMCC and with herself. Karen’s message to those reading is a powerful one. “You might think you can just go home from the hospital. You might think you can do it all by yourself. But when you get home, you don’t realize how weak you are and how much help you need and you may even be too proud to ask. There are a lot of good people out there that want to help you. Don’t be afraid of a challenge! These people are trained and know what they are doing. In the long run, it’s going to be so much better. Thank God for places like this.”

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Upcoming Events: September 2017

We have some great upcoming events this fall. In September, the Allegan County Fair will be upon us! This year the theme is, “Where Memories are Made!” which is perfect for us. We can’t believe how fast this year is going. We will be once again entering a float in the parade as well as a booth in the Agricultural Barn. We plan on taking our residents that wish to go the fair, and we’d like to thank the Allegan County Fair for once again allowing our Residents and Volunteers/Family/and Staff that goes along to help, to get in free during those times. If you would like to volunteer to help with our fair outings, please contact EricRittenhouse at 269-673-2102 at extension 4976.

upcoming events

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Flying Away at the Air Zoo!

Oair zoour Men’s group has been meeting for the last few months and they decided they would like to take a trip to the Air Zoo in Kalamazoo. A fun day was had by all, and we were able to enjoy a meal from McDonald’s. There is nothing like a good cold coke, a burger, and some fries! For next month some of the gentlemen had decided instead of the Air Zoo, they would like to go to the Gilmore Car Museum.

air zoo




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Safety Reminders

A Safety RemindersFew Safety Reminders:

We have put together some safety reminders to keep our residents safe. The majority of our resident elders have more fragile, thinner skin, therefore exposure to heat and cold can be more hazardous and potential cause injury.

Please do not bring in items that produce heat, such as electric blankets, curling irons, etc. without talking with our care team first.

ACMCC is fortunate to have blanket warmers and professional salon-type dryers in our beauty shop in which temperature can be regulated and controlled for safety. We appreciate your help in this matter. Safety first!

ACMCC is fortunate to have blanket warmers and professional salon-type dryers in our beauty shop in which temperature can be regulated and controlled for safety. We appreciate your help in this matter. Safety first!


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Fun in the Summertime!

Summertime always brings so many fun activities here at ACMCC! We haSummertimeve been enjoying nearly daily (weather permitting) morning exercise class in the courtyard. The rainbow parachute is always a hit and gets everyone laughing and exercising without even knowing it! Our gardens are coming to life with flowers and veggies, but we also enjoyed some indoor fun while painting pots for summer annuals to add to our décor. We are very fortunate that our friend, Lou Thierwacher, is now offering a monthly sing-along of classic tunes.Summertime

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Rehab Success Story: Two Thumbs Up!

Don Simptwo thumbs upson came to ACMCC for some strengthening and rehabilitation after a hip surgery and gives us 2 thumbs up! After a couple weeks of physical and occupational therapy, he was able to regain his independence and return home. During a conversation with our staff, Don told us “Your therapists have worked wonders on me and I’ve regained so much independence. My friends from church have always recommended this place and I would join that crowd wholeheartedly now. If I ever have to, I’ll come back here. Two thumbs up!”

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A New Flag for ACMCC

Ruth Counflagtiss had a very touching and interesting request for our Administrator, Kim Turcott, back at the end of April. Ruth told her that she looked out her window every morning where she could see the flag, and recites the pledge after saying a prayer. She wanted to know if she could have her husband’s flag that she received after he passed sent up here so she could fly it on the flag pole up front. It would mean a lot to her, to look out her window to say the pledge every morning and know that a piece of her husband flew not far outside her window.

Ruth wanted to do this on May 9th, celebrating not only her husband’s flag, but her 6 month anniversary of living here. Kim put in the request to have this done, and Ruth contacted her loved ones to have the flag sent here. On May 9th, surrounded by a few peers, her caregivers, and staff, her husband’s flag was raised. She requested that we all join her in the Pledge of Allegiance after the flag reached the top. Happy 6 Months Ruth, and thanks for sharing this amazing moment with us!





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