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Polly Sumouske: Rehab Success Story


Polly SumouskePolly Sumouske had a successful stay at ACMCC. “It has been wonderful here. The staff was so helpful and diligent. The food was great and I was surprised by all of the options. I loved the garden and I even picked some tomatoes. There is no comparison to other facilities I’ve stayed at. Here you get the care you need and deserve. I tell everyone about ACMCC and I would come back anytime I needed to!” Polly has been a long time friend of ours and an outstanding member of the Allegan community. We thank her for the kind words and enjoyed having her.


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Karen Wagner: Our Rehab Success Story

Karen WagnerDuring the month of July, Karen Wagner suffered a serious fall with a back injury leaving her weaker and needing assistance with her care. Mrs. Wagner shared with us how our services had been highly recommended by family and friends. She also told us how initially she was quite frightened from poor experiences with other facilities many years past; therefore it was with great skepticism and trepidation that Karen agreed to come to ACMCC and allow us to help. Today, we are very proud of Karen. With just over 10 days work with our physical and occupational therapists, she is ready to return home safely. Karen will be leaving with a renewed faith in skilled nursing facilities such as ACMCC and with herself. Karen’s message to those reading is a powerful one. “You might think you can just go home from the hospital. You might think you can do it all by yourself. But when you get home, you don’t realize how weak you are and how much help you need and you may even be too proud to ask. There are a lot of good people out there that want to help you. Don’t be afraid of a challenge! These people are trained and know what they are doing. In the long run, it’s going to be so much better. Thank God for places like this.”

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Rehab Success Story: Two Thumbs Up!

Don Simptwo thumbs upson came to ACMCC for some strengthening and rehabilitation after a hip surgery and gives us 2 thumbs up! After a couple weeks of physical and occupational therapy, he was able to regain his independence and return home. During a conversation with our staff, Don told us “Your therapists have worked wonders on me and I’ve regained so much independence. My friends from church have always recommended this place and I would join that crowd wholeheartedly now. If I ever have to, I’ll come back here. Two thumbs up!”

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Patty Yancey – Rehab Success

Another succPatty Yanceyess! Patty Yancey returned home this month after receiving some physical therapy after being hospitalized with Pneumonia. This was Patty’s first ever experience with us and her recovery went very well. When our staff asked Patty about her experience here she told us, “This is a fantastic place to be. It’s a very clean, nice place to stay and everyone is taken care of well. I really enjoyed talking to everyone and meeting so many new people. Everyone was very friendly and helpful and always answered all of my questions. This would be my number one choice if I ever need it again.”

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Helen Waldron’s Rehab Success Story: “This is the place to go”

Helen WaldonHelen Waldron has been a friend of ACMCC for several years, participating in our rehabilitation program on multiple occasions. We always greatly appreciate the loyalty of our returning friends and are pleased to congratulate Helen Waldron on another successful recovery. Helen had a short stay at ACMCC for some strengthening and conditioning after an illness and has successfully returned home again. We asked our friend about her experience with us and this is what she had to say, “This is a wonderful place to be! That’s why I keep on coming back! They are so good to you here and take good care of you. This is the first place I come to when I need to. The people are great, the food is great, and it’s just wonderful! This is the place to go.”

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Rehab Success Story: Dawn Vandenboss

DDawn Vandenboss awn Vandenboss returned home this month after a successful rehabilitation. Dawn came to ACMCC for some strengthening and rehabilitation after a hospital stay. Our staff followed up with her after her return home and this is what she had to say “This is a great place to go if you need rehab. Everyone was great, I liked everyone there and even the food was good. Everything went well and I had everything I needed when I went home. It’s a great place.”

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Rehab Success Story – Carol Christensen

Our December Rehab Success Story with Carol ChristensenCarol Christensen

“When my surgery went poorly, I requested rehab at ACMCC because I had received superior care and therapies earlier for both hips and pneumonia. This time my partner of 25 years was also a patient and appeared to be failing. ACMCC staff understood the importance of family in recovery. They encouraged us to support each other and involved his children and grandchildren with our care. I’m now graduated to home care for nursing and PT and visiting my partner almost daily. He should be home with me in a few more weeks. ACMCC is amazing!”

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Our November Rehab Success Story – Sharon Kingston

Sharon Sharon KingstonKingston came to ACMCC’s Rehab Unit after a knee replacement. With the help of our skilled nursing and therapy team she made a successful recovery and returned home in early October. When our staff asked about her experience with us Sharon had all good things to say. “You helped me accomplish all of my goals. It was a very positive experience and everyone was very friendly and supportive of me. I was glad that I made the decision to choose ACMCC for my therapy needs and would choose ACMCC again in the future if needed.”

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Our October 2016 Rehab Success Story

october rehab 2016

October 2016 Rehab Success Story – Margaret Leber

Margaret had a short stay with us at ACMCC for some physical therapy and assistance after a knee replacement. Margaret says her successful recovery was due in part by our “busy workers and helpful staff.” She was also surprised that when she pressed her call light for help, “There was never a long wait and everyone was kind and friendly.” Margaret was born and raised here in Allegan.  She’s been recommending our services every chance she gets and for that we thank her for making our October 2106 rehab story a success!

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Rehab Success Story – June Deforest

Former Resident Shares About Successful RehabJune- rehab

June Deforest recently returned home from ACMCC after recovering from a painful fall at home. We asked her about her experiences with us and she had all good things to say. June expressed with great sincerity how pleased she was with her care stating “My experience was excellent! I am very pleased with my care. I enjoyed the atmosphere and great people the most. Everyone was so compassionate and kind. I would recommend you to anyone.” We at ACMCC are so proud to be a part of your recovery. Take care June and thank you.

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