“Meaningless activity corrodes the human spirit. The opportunity to take part in activity that we find meaningful is essential to human health.” – Eden Alternative principle #6

Senior Resident Activities

At ACMCC, our residents have the opportunity for many different types of activities based on their interests and abilities. Senior activities at Allegan County Medical Care Community include cooking, baking, gardening, crafts, bowling, board games, shuffleboard, volleyball, exercise, parties, decorating, aromatherapy, music therapy, church services, and community outings, just to name a few. At ACMCC, we believe staying active both mentally and physically is essential to the health and happiness of our residents. Our senior activities are monitored and always held in a safe environment.

Each month, we publish a newsletter of “Moments & Memories” that showcases many of the activities that are held here. The newsletter also includes staff information, stories from our residents and employees, and more snapshots of daily life. You can read past issues right here on line. But to see it all first hand…

Visit us at ACMCC to check out all of the different activity going on for our adult and senior residents!

Senior Residents' Activities at ACMCC activities