Spotlight on our Physicians

Spotlight on our Physicians

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In recognition of National Doctor’s day on March 30th, we wanted to recognize our fantastic physician team of Dr. Timothy Dickinson, Dr. John Walstrum, Kristen Lockrem PAC, and the Allegan Medical Clinic doctors who assist our physicians with the on-call needs of our residents.

To say that good doctors are priceless, doesn’t even begin to cover the importance. Our physicians are responsible for diagnosing medical conditions, prescribing medications and treatments, trying to find cures and ease suffering, delivering uplifting news and at other times heartbreaking information about their patient’s health conditions, while also balancing the tremendous amount of paperwork, insurance documentation, regulatory requirements, etc.

What makes the utmost difference with our physicians is their commitment to the elders of Allegan County and their daily efforts to bring that small town, personal approach to each individual they meet. Their communication and cooperation with our nurses and staff makes providing care alongside each of them a tremendous gift.

Dr. Timothy Dickinson serves both as an attending physician, focusing primarily on our busy Rehab Center, and as ACMCC’s Medical Director. Although semi-retired after over 38 years of practice, he continues his work with his skilled nursing facility residents. We are grateful for every year that he continues to work with us! He is typically here on Wednesdays, except for the “bonus week” each month when he attends our quality assurance meetings in addition to his regular resident visits.

Dr. John Walstrum is an attending physician with over 35 years of experience who dedicates most of his visit time here at ACMCC to our long term residents and their needs, when not seeing patients at the Allegan Medical Clinic. Dr. Walstrum is typically here on Fridays, 2-3 times per month.

Kristen Lockrem PA-C, physician assistant, has been in practice since 2000, and typically comes to ACMCC twice per week to see to the unanticipated needs or changes in condition of our residents, as well as to complete routine visits. We cannot thank these individualsenough for the caring approach and dedication to the residents of ACMCC. phyicians

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