Meet Francis Dunklee and learn all about his interesting history!

Meet Francis Dunklee

Francis Dunklee has lived quite the life! He was born in Ohio and eventually made his way here to Michigan.Francis Dunklee

He served in World War II in the Bobcats. After the war, he married his wife and they had 4 children together. He worked as a Small Appliance Repairman and after retiring from that, he went to work for Leeps Farm, until he retired at the age of 85.

Francis loves being outdoors and grew a garden with his wife and continued to do so well into his 80’s. He and his wife sold veggies on the side of the road every year. He was an avid outdoorsman and liked to go fishing and do anything else he could outdoors. He was always very active and remodeled his house and barn when he was in his 80’s

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