Get to know Julie Allen, one of our fabulous residents here at ACMCC!

Meet Julia Allen

Julia was born toJulia her parents Dewitt and Marie in October of 1930. She was raised in Holland and lived there until her kids were older. She has 5 children, a few grandkids, and a few more great-grandkids. She worked in factories for over 20 years and loved taking care of her family. When she was older, she moved to Florida for 8 years and then moved back to Michigan. Julia enjoyed traveling with her Mom in a motorhome that she purchased. She remembers those as good times, and says that her Mom was a “real card.” Together they went all over the country visiting different states like California, Texas, Vegas, and other places. When she was younger, she remembers enjoying dancing. Julia loves to sew, and has made countless blankets and other handcrafts for her entire family. When she visited our rehab once, she made staff member’s plastic bag holders that looked like tiny dresses on a hanger. She has a wonderful sense of humor and plenty of stories to share.

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