A New Flag Donated for Allegan County Medical Care Community

A New Flag for ACMCC

Ruth Counflagtiss had a very touching and interesting request for our Administrator, Kim Turcott, back at the end of April. Ruth told her that she looked out her window every morning where she could see the flag, and recites the pledge after saying a prayer. She wanted to know if she could have her husband’s flag that she received after he passed sent up here so she could fly it on the flag pole up front. It would mean a lot to her, to look out her window to say the pledge every morning and know that a piece of her husband flew not far outside her window.

Ruth wanted to do this on May 9th, celebrating not only her husband’s flag, but her 6 month anniversary of living here. Kim put in the request to have this done, and Ruth contacted her loved ones to have the flag sent here. On May 9th, surrounded by a few peers, her caregivers, and staff, her husband’s flag was raised. She requested that we all join her in the Pledge of Allegiance after the flag reached the top. Happy 6 Months Ruth, and thanks for sharing this amazing moment with us!





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