Safety Tips For Outings

Safety Tips For Outings

Going osafetyut on the town? Work with us first for safety!

There are times when a family may wish to take a resident out of the facility for an appointment, family event, etc. Many of our residents require a great deal of assistance with transfers from bed to wheelchair, such as two people, Hoyer lift, etc.

Just imagine how much more difficult the transfer can be getting into/out of a car or truck! Many of our residents are not physically able to perform this type of transfer and injury to both the resident and their loved one assisting with the transfer can occur. If you desire to attempt a car transfer with your resident, please notify us first, so our therapy department can evaluate the safety of the situation and work with each family member interested in assisting with the transfer on proper techniques to complete a safe car transfer with the specific vehicle that would be utilized.

If a resident is not physically capable of getting in and out of a standard car or truck, we can also assist you in exploring wheelchair lift transportation options. Please contact me with any questions or concerns. Kim Turcott, Administrator (269) 673-0498.

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