Eric Rittenhouse - Staff Story

Eric Rittenhouse – Staff Story

Meric rittenhouseeet Eric Rittenhouse

For a few years, I helped take care of my wife’s grandparents, before we had to get more help for them, by finding a care facility. I started working at Meijer after this and felt lost; I had no one that needed me to care for them anymore. I visited them every day and helped them in the care facility that they went to. I eventually came up with this crazy idea that I wanted to become a CNA and work in a care facility somewhere. I’m not exactly known for following through, but I convinced my parents to help me pursue this dream and I went to Comstock to take my CNA classes. I was never a good student, but this was totally different, it was something I deeply cared about. This was the one time I would pay attention in class and pass every test and assignment I was handed. In 2010 I received a call from Kim while at was at working at Meijer asking me to come in for an interview. I remember pulling in the parking lot and taking in the beauty of the surrounding area and thinking I’d like to work here. That feeling became even stronger as I walked in the door and saw how homey the staff had made this place for the residents. A few days later I received the call from Kim while I was waiting in line to buy my lunch at Meijer, offering me a position as a CNA. I was so excited I got out of line and went to my supervisor to put in my notice. I have now worked here for almost 6 years. I have made many friends and learned a lot from my elders, their families, and my co-workers. I have worked as a CNA in Hillcrest and Rehab and a few years ago I came to activities. I now work in activities and do some paper work, as well as getting outings together and some other driving. I honestly love all my residents as my family and I love to hear all of their stories. I still find it hard when I lose someone, just as if I lost one of my grandparents. All of them are special to me in their own way, whether we chat about a shared love of WWE, or I am there so they have someone to lean on and cry with. The residents, families, and staff of ACMCC are why I stay here. We are all one large, sometimes dysfunctional, loving family. Thanks for the opportunity to care for your loved ones. — Eric Rittenhouse

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