Meet Nancy Williams one our CNA's and see why she loves ACMCC.

Meet Nancy Williams

Meet Nancy Williams, CNA at ACMCC. I have Nancy Williamsworked here at ACMCC for the last 4 years after working several years in an office setting and in the fast food business. I have come to call ACMCC my home away from home. I was able to complete my clinical hours here after taking my CNA class at the Vo-Tech in Allegan. I found that the employees were very friendly, and that this was the place I wanted to work. I work in the Perrigo Memory Care Unit and find it very fulfilling to bring a smile or some laughter to my residents’ faces. It lets me know that I’m right where I should be. I occasionally get the chance to work in the other households and neighborhoods and I like to get to know their stories as well. I have 3 children and just became a 1st time grandma in September which brings even more joy to my family. My hobby is a small garden where I grow assorted vegetables and fruits. Aside from my loving family, I also have a rabbit, 2 cats, and a bird that I enjoy taking care of

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