Moves made at ACMCC

Moves made at ACMCC

We’ve Made a Few Moves and Want to Be Sure You Can Find Us!

In an effort to maintain my historical location on the main hallway (and Buddy the dog’s also!), we have swapped the locations of the Administrator’s office and the Conference Room. The Conference Room is now to the left of the front entrance. If you are early or waiting for a care meeting to begin, you will now be able to make yourself more comfortable by sitting and visiting in the lobby until your meeting time.

Our Social Work Director has moved over one office to my former office and is able to offer increased privacy in an unshared office space. Her former spot in the Admissions office is now occupied by our Medical Records Coordinator, Jennifer Phillips, as the records and admissions areas interact often in their work.

If this doesn’t have your head spinning yet, we have an additional office that was unused for some time that is now occupied. This office is adjacent to the “new” Conference Room, off the front lobby and is “home” to Lori Rice, Transportation Coordinator and Stacey Booth, the new Administrative Assistant (please see her intro enclosed). This location allows for Stacey and I to communicate with ease with adjoining office space, and for Lori to be to be more conveniently located next to the main entrance to zip out with residents for appointments on Zippy (ACMCC bus) and Speedy (ACMCC van). Please stop by and say “Hi!” to us in our newlocations! Please call with any questions or concerns you may have.Moves

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