Renee Piebenga - Staff Story

Renee Piebenga – Staff Story

Renee Piebenga

I started working in long term care about 11 years ago when I got my first job as an aide in an assisted living facility. I was contemplating the notion of becoming a nurse and wanted to gain some valuable experience and help confirm my decision to purse nursing school. I was scared about a lot of things at first, but once I started working there it was a life changing and humbling experience. My future was stareing me right in the face every day I went to work. Despite the demands of the job itself and how chaotic it can get sometimes, I always strive to put myself in the residents’ shoes. I want to provide them with loving and tender care and to treat them more like a friend or my grandma or grandpa and less like a number. I found that I really enjoyed providing care for people, especially the elderly. Eventually I finished nursing school.  Two years ago now I found myself here at ACMCC, which is where I plan to stay as long as I can see. I’ve been in other facilities whether it be for work, school, or a simple visit, but I love it here at ACMCC the best. Just as I try to help a resident feel, I also feel a greater sense of belonging here. — Renee Piebenga

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